Monday, September 8, 2008

Taiwan trip smells fishy?

taiwan tripOn September 5, the Barisan Nasional Backbencher's Club announced that they will be organising a study retreat overseas for its member MPs to discuss agriculture-related issues. The suggested destination was Australia and will span 12 days; from September 12 to September 19 . The timing of the retreat was brought into question by many because it coincided with the planned September 16 'cross-overs'. The Opposition anticipates a formation of a new federal government by then with about 30-40 Barisan Nasional MPs expected to jump ship.

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However, the latest reports from Malaysiakini and The Star revealed that the group will be flying to Taiwan after all. Malaysiakini reported that a total of 49 MPs will be taking part in the study tour while The Star mentioned 50 MPs. They will depart from Malaysia today (September 8). The date of the trip has been brought forward but the duration has been cut short to just 8 days due to the Ramadan. The Backbencher's Club members were expected to return on September 16.

Was the trip to Taiwan necessary to discuss matters of agriculture? It is also understood that the retreat is being financed by a single BN MP, as reported by The Malaysian Insider.

The trip was made compulsory by the club's chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, adding more fuel to the controvery surround the whole idea of taking 50-odd MPs overseas. However, Tiong denied the trip was politically-motivated or had anything to do with the September 16 plans.

Interestingly, the Backbencher's Club tour group has 22 MPs from East Malaysia; 10 from Sabah and 12 from Sarawak. It was believed that the bulk of likely candidates defecting to the Opposition would come from the the two states.

The ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional currently holds 140 Parliamentary seats to the Opposition's 82. The latter will need about 30 more seats and had already set their eyes on September 16 to form the new government.

Nonetheless, only time will tell if the trip was truly designed as claimed by some, to sinisterly prevent the inevitable.


  1. Anonymous said...

    From MT.
    What IDIOTIC scheme (or scam) of a study trip is all this, IDIOTS from the planner (BBC) to the endorsers (PM/DPM) to the people jumping on the bandwagon. WHO IS PAYING???? For goodness sake, how can a government study trip be so adhoc (not enough time for China visa, so go Taiwan last minute, list of people still not finalised...
    Dont take the rakyat for IDIOTS like them, to believe all this crap. They can all get a ONE WAY TICKET to China or Taiwan or DownUnder Ozzie, or even the
    real DOWNUNDER ...(you know which DOWNUNDER I mean lah).
    One moment our sleepy, flipflop guy said rakyat have to change their lifestyle with the fuel price rise. So i beleive this is a classic example of lifestyle change. Spend more money and time on this stupid study trip while rakyat is struggling to put simple meals on the table for the family.
    The one idiot who planned this trip was because he was scared stiff with shit in his pants that "916" will happen. Heard that this idiot has siphoned off $$$$$ from rakyat on dirty schemes and projects.
    Really amazing