Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Khir Toyo sounds like a comedian who is not funny

Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo (image) has flatly denied any role in the recent seven-day detention of DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok under the Internal Security Act (ISA). [Malaysiakini, 22/9/08]

It was understood that Teresa Kok was arrested on September 12 under the Internal Security Act based on Khir Toyo's accusations against the Seputeh MP through an article in Utusan Malaysia. Teresa was alleged to have called on the Selangor State Assembly to ban the Azan prayers calls by mosques in Puchong and Kota Damansara.

All fingers have been pointing towards Khir Toyo and Utusan Malaysia columnist Zaini Hassan as the culprits for the unlawful arrest of Teresa on September 12. It was later revealed that the police had acted solely on the allegations written in Utusan Malaysia without prior investigations - much to the anger of many Malaysians. Teresa was only released 7 days later due to the lack of evidence.


Apparently, Khir Toyo is now attempting wash his hands clean by denying he had anything to do with Teresa's unlawful arrest nor had he agreed to the use of force by the police.

“I never agreed to Kok (Teresa) being arrested under the ISA. The issue is now under police investigation. Just let the police investigate it and see what they have to say,” he explained. [Malaysiakini, 22/9/08]
If the former Selangor Chief Minister had meant that as a joke, it wasn't funny. He may not have agreed with the arrest but had Khir Toyo lost touch of reality or did he fail to realise that the police had acted on his allegations in Utusan Malaysia? Indirectly or not, one cannot deny Khir Toyo had nothing to do with Teresa's detention under the ISA.

On September 9, the Malay language daily reported that a certain "female politician with glasses" had attempted to disallow the Azan prayer call through loudspeakers. However, Masjid Kota Damansara explained that a damaged amplifier had resulted the prayer call to be done without the help of the PA system; resulting a period of "silence". Masjid Kinrara also denied Teresa Kok was involved in any way of leading a petition against the Muslim prayer call.

It was evident that there was no case against Teresa to begin with. She then decided file a RM30 million suit against Utusan Malaysia for defamation and false reporting. Could Khir Toyo be next in line to face the music?

With the looming possibility of being extradited for his defamatory allegations, Khir Toyo is now trying his best to disassociate himself as much as possible from the controversy. He may have his hands washed clean but little does he know that words once said can never be taken back.


  1. yatim said...

    The dogs are running with their tail between the legs. Time to teach these bastards a lesson. They are not above law. Khir Toyol and the Utusan Melayu must be punished for their acts.

  2. wandererAUS said...

    Sue the pants off, all those responsible for Teresa's arrest. It is high time, Utusan Malaysia and UMNO 'VIPs' be taught a good lesson...no one is above the law and be responsible for their actions. Let us wait and see, if a double standard is practiced by the police.

  3. amoker said...

    Khir Toyo failed to say that if he did not feel guilty, why did he take out his postings from his blog on this issue? He can now deny that he even wrote that in the first place.

    Guilty conscience & want to protect Teresa? Definately not. but he is protecting himself.