Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysia's Judgement Day might come later

Pragmatic Oppostion leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (image) told reporters that the planned takeover of the federal government on September 16 might be deferred to a later date. According to Anwar, this was due to the Barisan Nasional Backbencher's Club's recent study tour to Taiwan which saw 49 of its MPs taking part.

"We definitely have the numbers (MPs) required to form the new government. However, we will need to wait because they are now in Taiwan," Anwar explained to the media. [Malaysiakini, 10/9/08]
Anwar said he was also informed that the participating MPs of the overseas retreat were "not allowed" to return to Malaysia before September 16; a sign of desperation by the government to stop potential defection of its MPs.

The retreat was allegedly intended to give the MPs the opportunity to discuss on the latest agricultural technology and the development of food science. There are currently 49 BN MPs taking part in the trip; 22 of whom are from East Malaysia.

While the names of the potential defectors to the Opposition have yet to be revealed, the list could be narrowed down to 49 based on Anwar's latest comments to the media.

Nonetheless, the Opposition's failure to honour their word to the Malaysian people to form a new government by September 16 is a psychological victory for Barisan Nasional who could use this to their advantage to restore public trust. However, the Opposition leader told Malaysiakini reporters that the takeover plan is still on track, though he did not rule out on any deferment of the proposed date.

Sooner or later, Judgement Day will come.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Steady now, they have to come back sooner or later.

    Maybe they'll die in a plane crash and disappear instead.

  2. wandererAUS said...

    The date is immaterial, it is the substance that counts. If Mr unstoppable has the numbers, any day will do. UMNO-BN is suffering from a mad cow disease, it cannot get any better, only worst. So it is just a matter of time, the change will come.

  3. shawn zaha said...

    as wandererAUS mentioned, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

    anyways im curious to see what important lessons the MPs would have learnt from their 'educational' trip to taiwan. haha...they'll bring home taiwanese technology on agriculture.

    YEA RITE!!!