Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ahmad Ismail a Malay warrior?

Bukit Bendera division chief Ahmad Ismail declared he will continue to show defiance and is willing to face the consequences for the sake of the pride and dignity of the Malay race. [Malaysiakini, 8/9/08]

Apparently, Ahmad Ismail thinks he is the new Hang Tuah defending his people. What an insult to the legendary Malay warrior.

Malaysiakini reported that Ahmad Ismail held a second press conference on September 8. He refused to apologise once again despite being guilty of inciting racial sentiments among the Chinese community; allegedly calling them "squatters" and "half-citizens".

Read Ahmad Ismail: I have no problems with Chinese and Indians

Despite calls from top government officials to retract his racist statements, he refused to give in and explained that it was no longer a party issue but an issue 0f pride and dignity of the Malays. All 13 UMNO divisions had since stood behind him in support of his notion.

How does apologising for one man's fault be in direct relation to the pride and dignity of an entire race?

Ahmad Ismail is now self-styling himself as a Malay warrior who will defend his people's honour to the last breath. Beneath all the facade, he's nothing but a cowardly vigilante to the Malaysian public who is the prime example of a politician who will grasp on any chance of making a name for himself.

Gerakan, a Barisan Nasional component party had been the most vocal for the past few days; condemning Ahmad Ismail's actions through the mass media. The party led by its president, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon demanded that Ahmad Ismail be charged under the Sedition Act.

However, Ahmad Ismail told reporters in his second press conference that Gerakan was actually the guilty party for turning this whole farce into a racial issue; simply because they had lost the support of the Chinese community. He also said he will sue the Chinese-language newspaper, Sin Chew Daily for their report on his alleged racist comments.

The press conference ended once again with rhetoric cries of "Hidup Melayu! (Long live the Malays!)."

However, UMNO Penang still had one more thing to prove. An UMNO member, Zainol Abidin Hashim took down a photograph of Gerakan President, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon from the wall of the UMNO state headquarters with the help of his fellow 'warriors' . He subsequently tore it into two.

koh tsu koon zainol

The Penang branch of Gerakan took matters into their own hands and severed its ties with UMNO in response to the unruly behaviour of UMNO Penang members [Malaysiakini, 9/9/08].

Ferocious photo-shredding like a dinosaur defends the Malay honour, Zainol?

Barisan Nasional leaders are expected to have an emergency meeting in the wake of UMNO Penang's latest ignorance of any sort of decency. All the childish audacity, racist chants and photograph-tearing from Ahmad Ismail and his supporters would only make ancient Malay warriors turn over in their graves.

Ahmad Ismail is not only bringing shame to his people but to Malaysians alike; by branding himself a so-called warrior who defends the Malay honour.

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  1. shankar~selina said...

    This guy is just a Malay paraiah. He should be in jail.

  2. Anonymous said...

    50 years ago they were backward people, they needed help to survive. They asked the chinese and Indians to help them, teach them skills, how to do business, places in Universities, Government contracts..........all at the expense of the Kafirs, and all at the expense of Quality

    Today after achieving what they want and learnin g the trade, they ask the Kafirs to leave....


  3. Nordin said...


    I resent your words to equate Ahmad Ismail to the Legendary Hang Tuah.You are not being fair to Hang Tuah for whatever your intent are. If you have to criticize someone for their misbehavior please do so without implicating someone else.

    Miss shankar,

    the words pariah has no psychological meaning to the malays. Using that word does not strike anything to the faculty of the malay mind.In other words its futile effort for whatever your intent are. Spoken words are just like mirrors. Apart from projecting the image, it also project the personality of the speaker.

    Despise and criticize him all you can. May be he deserve that. But the question is, how do we stand in the public?

  4. amoker said...

    Oh , AI loves it when the crowd shouts " Cina balik Tongkang". See, those people are not racist also.


  5. Anonymous said...

    New Hang Tuah sir?

    Didn't they found out Hang Tuah to be a chinese after all and removed him from text book?

  6. Anonymous said...

    Ahmad does not represent the Malays.He is just representing his selfish and racist behaviour.Chinese should not fall into his trap which aim to incite racial tensions in Malaysia.The malays should make clear that Ahmad's action is clearly unacceptable and he should be deal in a manner where such behaviour will never be tolerated.

  7. wandererAUS said...

    Please do not insult a Malay Warrior.
    This uncultured and trouble maker does not smell the foot of Hang Tuah.
    An UMNO opportunist, using politics to acquire his dirty wealth. He is beating the old UMNO war drum to create chaos, as he is aware UMNO-BN
    will not gain power in Penang for a long time to come...at least, pass his political life.
    Take caution of his dirty tricks but, Koh, should take this as a catalyst to bail Gerakan out of BN.

  8. Punam said...

    Yes Nordin is absolutely right in his assesment,Shanker - Selina should take note.
    As educated person one should be more cautious in writing their thoughts so as to not insult others.
    I presume that S-S is educated enough to not repeat the same.

  9. ilovemycountryMALAYSIA said...

    im a malay, and im utterly ashamed with this ape called ahmad ismail...

    malaysia is a nation of immigrants, be it malays, chinese, indians etc...hell, even the orang asli's ancestors must have come from somewhere thousands of years ago...didn't you read the results of the genome project?

    apparently, some 50,000 years ago, the first community (or shall i say, the first human being) was said to originate from the continent of africa...from there they migrated to every nook and corner of this beautiful earth...

    our DNA says some where along the line of thousands of years of human history, each and every single one of us is actually interconnected..

    my point is, it's completely ridiculous to suggest that certain groups of people are a bunch of immigrants to a certain piece of land...i mean, if we start saying, "hey, my nenek moyang got here first than yours, hence this is our land" , where and when will it end?

    in the end, we are all immigrants, and nobody shall claim this beautiful land called malaysia their sole right property...


    (im a malay, yet i hate those who judge people from their colours, beliefs, or anything...and yes, i detest monkeys like ahmad ismail and ameno speak on behalf of me...)

  10. jonathan ong said...

    Dear Nordin,
    I've read your comments on my blog, Stand Up for Malaysia. I think you've misunderstood me. I am not comparing Ahmad Ismail to the legendary Hang Tuah. I am implying that Ahmad Ismail thinks he is a Malay warrior just like Hang Tuah who defends his people. I believe that's an insult to Hang Tuah for him to make himself into a defender of the Malay people. Thanks for reading.

  11. Anonymous said...

    Do not let this 'mamak' fellow to mislead the Malay community.You maybe fall under same religion but there is a great difference between 'mamak' mindset and "Malay" mindset.So,just be extra careful.Do not carried away in the name of religion.

  12. Anonymous said...

    Its people like Ahmad who tarnishes the image of politician who are suppose to figth for the right of all and not only one particular race.And please do tell where was he when all the flooding was taking place, unless only other
    races were the ones affected and no MALAY was also affected. MALAYSIA for MALAYSIAN SHOULD BE THE CALL OF ALL TRUE MALAYSIAN

  13. Anonymous said...

    I think the mamak gang is heading to 513 in order to tackle 916.Unfortunately 916 is bigger number compare to 513.I wonder who is the senior leader with the same blood behind all these happennings.........

  14. Anonymous said...

    As a Malay please pass this message to him that I never ask or request him to fight for right right. I don't need idiot like him. Ahnad Ismail jangan perasan that you are the Malay protector. Bullshit and disgusting UMNO hypocrite. Time will tell and the writing is on the wall. Say good bye.

  15. siewkwan said...

    WHAT THE HECK? Sigh, I'm literally speechless and shocked. I support one of the anonymous, malaysia is for malaysians! Not malay, chinese or indian, it's for Malaysians! We can only move forward once this racial issue is solved.

    And anonymous, pls comment with names la...We do not need to be afraid of them when we are talking about the truth right?

  16. shawn zaha said...

    im giving him the benefit of the doubt here. maybe he was misquoted, his words were indeed taken out of context by the newspapers. his 'chinese are only immigrants in this country' remark was made, apparently, with reference to the pre-merdeka malaysia, but that was not reported in the media. so, according to ahmad ismail, he said nothing racist.

    however, im perplexed as to why he simply refuses to accept any responsibility for the ramifications of his statement. instead he pushed the blame to the chinese dailies, and to gerakan. he even had the nerve to demand an apology from them for the 'damage done to his reputation' and on top of that now he claims to be a defender of the malay honour.

    you know i think the most honourable thing for you to do now is to retract that comment and apologize for all the irreparable damage done.

    and funny how this incident is unravelling the internal strife in barisan...different reactions from different heads.it could prove to be another blow in the disintegration of barisan