Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have Dr Mahathir and his protestors gone too far?

At least 5,000 people protested outside the US embassy in Malaysia on Friday, and around 300 held a noisy protest outside the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur to urge Arab countries to cut off oil supplies to the US and boycott Coca-Cola, Colgate and Starbucks. [, 9/1/09]

Qatar-based news agency, Al-Jazeera reported that at least 5,000 people gathered outside the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur and about 500 outside the National Mosque to protest against the Israel's aggression in Gaza.

Speaking to the crowd gathered at the National Mosque was none other than former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (image) whose vigour still draws public attention despite his age. The 83 year old who publically denounced Israel's latest invasion into Gaza, recently called for a boycott of US products and its currency for being Israel's 'partner in crime'.

Mahathir, while addressing the 500-strong crowd, said Malaysians 'will not die if they do not use US products' and urged employees of American companies like McDonald's to quit their jobs.

"I hope Starbucks and McDonald's employees will stop working there," he said. [, 9/1/08]
He has got to be kidding us...

Sure, it's easy for him to tell Malaysians working in American companies to quit because he does not need to worry about earning a living. Try telling that to a wage-earner in McDonald's who has a family of five to feed and could barely make ends meet.

Mahathir has really got to be kidding us. Where, then, are they going to get their money? Can their idealist approach pay their bills and put food on the table? Who would hire them? Are Malaysian companies going to hire these people when giant firms are currently laying off their workforce due to global recession?

Well, as a side note, our economy is not even big enough to sustain itself and that is why we need foreign investors here. Do these people really think our economy is so mighty that we can survive on our own?

The crowd also rallied by shouting
"Long live Islam, long live Palestine, destroy Israel!" and urged Arab countries to cut off oil supplies to the US.

Now, why would the Arabs do that when they are earning millions of dollars from the sale of their crude oil? The people who make such ludicrous statements fail to understand or rather, fail to realise that the Arabs need the Dollars and the Americans need their oil. It's a love-hate relationship.

The Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association, and the Muslim Restaurant Operators Association, on the other hand, is spearheading the boycott of US products by removing Coca-cola from the menu of more than 2,000 Muslim restaurants. They, along with Mahathir, suggest that Malaysians should also boycott American brands like Starbucks, Maybelline and Colgate to further their cause.

In response, Coca-Cola Malaysia spoke out against the boycott of its drinks and other US labels, saying such a move would only hurt the local economy and the local citizens.

"As everybody else, we are deeply touched by the human side of the situation in the Middle East," Kadri Taib, Coca-Cola Malaysia public affairs and communications director, said in a statement. [BBC News, 9/1/08]
Coca-Cola Malaysia, who has a plant in Shah Alam, currently employs 1,700 Malaysians and interestingly enough, 60% of whom are Muslims.

Enough said.

This article is preceded by Boycotting US products a really dumb move for Malaysia dated (5/1/09). Images are courtesy of Malaysiakini.


  1. Anonymous said...

    In order to fully achieve the boycotting of all things from the western devil, we should all go back to the basic of living in a cave. What a joke from politicians. So no more blogging for them rite, since the hardware and software are from US huh

  2. Anonymous said...

    Why don't they ask Intel AMD,Western digital to withdraw their investment in Malaysia ? Hell will break loose rest assured.

  3. jotan said...

    Why dont' they ask Intel,AMD, Western Digital to withdraw their investment in Malaysia ? Hell will break loose I can assure you.

    A single person open his mouth and millions will suffer for the consequences.

  4. tnz26 said...

    The real losers will be the employees, many of them who are Malaysians. The idea is even more absurd given the current global economic climate.

    We're already struggling to attract FDI due to the recent uncertain political climate. Any boycott will only detract companies from doing business/investing in our country. In the end, the repercussions on our economy will only make Malaysians suffer more.

    Of course, I am against Israel's use of excessive force and also Hamas's use of rockets. UN is so far proving right the critics who have claimed it to be a lame duck in handling conflicts. Let's hope with the help of allies on both sides of the conflict, an agreement can be reached. World leaders must stop turning a blind eye to the plight of people in Gaza.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Hello,dun be a racists & hypocrites ok..Let's says if one day ur children is being killed rite in front of ur eyes...shows some compassionate toward others..

  6. jonathan ong said...

    How is this being racist? Tell me, I'd like to know.

    As you may not already know, we disagree with all kinds of violence and Israel's latest use of excessive force is not exempted. So, please, before you call us cold-hearted, read the article carefully. This is about the boycott and its effects on our economy.

  7. clarawan said...

    i don't think boycotting is the answer to stop the conflicts. and ya, just imagine how many would be struggling to make ends meet if everyone who works in US companies quit their job. just doesn't make sense

  8. z said...

    Having compassion toward others doesn't mean to shoot yourself in the foot. btw, pls be reminded that Israel is losing innocent ppl too from the attacks from Hamas. Do we then not have compassion to their ppl just because they have superior firepower and will to keep their citizens safe?? Are they supposed to sit down, fold their hands and wait for the UN to step in when Hamas fires rockets after rockets into their country??

    The reaction from Israel is perfectly natural. If you hit me, I hit u back hard enough so u cant hit me back again makes perfect sense. Its not like there is any other better way that they can use to stop the attacks.

    Moreover, boycotting American products will get nothing solved but cause even more problems to ourselves. America definitely have enough trades with other countries to survive, cause the American companies here in Malaysia exist worldwide already. Losing their market in Malaysia wont have much of an impact since they have source of income from other countries. Quitting jobs is ridiculous too because no workers also means no cost, the companies can just focus more on other countries.

    All in all, the fight/war in Gaza has nothing to do with us. I dont mean that we shouldnt care for the innocent civilians or anything, but the fact is there is nothing that we can do to change anything unless both parties are willing to stop fighting. There is no point in forcing them to stop fighting when they still hate each other to the bone. They will fight again, just later... So we as Malaysians shouldnt be putting our necks into business which we cant solve properly.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Ask stupid Gov to throw away their gun & weapon too,... its Israel & US technology.
    Why our country so naive & stupid.

  10. Anonymous said...

    The crowd also rallied by shouting "Long live Islam, long live Palestine, destroy Israel!"- quote
    -Typical act of [word filtered]-

    Hello,dun be a racists & hypocrites ok..Let's says if one day ur children is being killed rite in front of ur eyes...shows some compassionate toward others.. -quote

    -I understand the feeling of losing loved ones. However it has nth to do with racist and hypocrites because this war is actually a retaliation after uncountable attacks from the terrorist. Are u saying that the terrorist should not be challenged and the innocent civilians killed by random mortar attacks is negligible?-

    As an ex-prime minister he is again making Malaysians look stupid. If everyone were to follow his suggestions, i would suggest that we leave the country before Malaysia turn into a vice-city due to serious unemployment. Based on my evaluation this is merely a move to increase exposure and publicity for politicians involved. Its ridiculous and its obvious that the politicians must have loads of funds for them to organize such an idiotic campaign. Why are the police not taking actions against this kind of protest where other peace protest from various NGOs are being forcefully stopped?


  11. Anonymous said...

    stupid ppl wasting time whining about boycott sini sana. why dun they boycott KFC then?!

    if u check back history of formation of Israel then u'd realise its not a war between israelites and palestines...The use of word "Palestine" is simply a phantom word by covering up the real story of conflict behing it.

    wake up guys, its a nvrending war between Jews & Islamic nationalism. It is nothing more than genocidal hatred of Jews!

    Just because Israel are having military superiority doesnt mean they are the ones subjected to military crime. When war breaks out, civilian casualties are inevitable.
    Are they trying to tell us that the Hamas guerillas are innocent too?

  12. Nicholes said...

    @.@ man..our gov really doesn't have anything to do? why cant our gov more concern about what happen to our economic?, rather then being a busy body? sigh~~~ Everyone know this is a time of recession..

  13. Anonymous said...

    The Hamas fanatics are bombing Israel; it's ok hem Anonymous? Yes, that's what they are, Islamist fanatics! And stop labelling any critique of Islam or Muslims as racist because Muslims d not represent a race but only as believers of a faith. And yes, they are not untouchables by valid or rational criticism or superior to other human beings either!Imagine, soon, these unthinking protesters might demand these Hamas fanatics be given safe haven in Malaysia!

    And this Mahathir is a joke; why is he using Islam to cause hatred for the western world, particularly the US? Because, he can tell those unthinking Muslims, that the US nor the western world cannot interfere in Malaysia's human rights abuses since they are supposedly complicit in supporting Israel! Devious and manipulative planning I called it! Further, what hypocrisy, Mahathir is living so comfortably in his 'palace' and expect ordinary Malaysians (who are barely surviving with oppressive low wages that him and his Umno wealthy leaders have been championing for) to quit their jobs, and hence they and their children will have to starve is it? Besides, this Umno leaders Mahathir and others have always been against the union and human rights of low-income workers/Malaysians that include decent minimum wage for the workers! What hypocrisy!And blatant abuse of human rights (they probably don't know what it means)!

    Katharina Sri
    (Former Noor Aza Othman)

  14. Anonymous said...

    all the workers who stop work should ask Tun M to employ them at his Kedai Roti.They have mouths to feed. .

  15. Anonymous said...

    This is just plain dumb. Don't our politicians have anything better to do? Plus what has happened to the once wise Tun Dr. M? No violence in any forms should be tolerated but at least come up with a well-thought of response, not to mention a realistic one! Energy and efforts should be concentrated on improving the country's competitive edge and living standard..not turning it into a laughing stock. I long to see the return of the 'tiger of southeast asia'.

  16. Anonymous said...

    Mahathir is loosing his marbles. He is going senile. Please pardon him. He don't know what he is saying.

  17. Anonymous said...

    I was watching the news last night when they show Mahathir voicing out the boycott.
    I think it's ridiculous. Thus I participated in the SMS voting yes/no to the boycott.

    It shouldn't be done. Besides, why didn't anyone boycott the country those suicide bombers come from when they take away many innocent life?


  18. kwws said...

    one of the most stupid comments mahathir has ever given: "Malaysians 'will not die if they do not use US products'"

    Okay then, u want a boycott? why not do it wholeheartedly? Go ahead and boycott Wendy's, Carl's Jr, KFC, Nike, Microsoft, Intel, AMD etc!

    I seriously think he's suffering from some kinda of Alzheimer related diseases due to his age lol...he only speaks from his emotion without taking rakyat's situation into his consideration...[word filtered]

  19. Anonymous said...

    The employees of Starbuck, KFC, Mcdonald, Coco Cola, Intel, Colgate etc., could all walk out of their jobs on the advise of Dr.M and take their last drawn payslip to see the old man. He should pay the monthly salary of those people who answered his call of Boycott of US goods.

  20. Anonymous said...

    let's boycott his bakery shop, the loaf!!! lol..

  21. The Man said...

    If he really wants that, the first step is to dispose of all the damn American weapons. M16s, M4s, Colt1911. And damn even the M60s. Lets throw it all away then, [word filtered] :D

  22. Anonymous said...

    Don't worry DrM, you might get what you wish for. At this rate the US and other countries might start pulling out of Bolehland. We are already losing out in FDI to our surrounding countries. Sooner or later Boleland will be screaming that the west are marginalising us. And the cycle starts. More threats, boycotts, sanctions causing more panic among investors and more pull outs. Standard modus operandi of this kind of ideology. Who suffers? Not the politicians but the ordinary man on the street like you and me.

  23. Anonymous said...

    Boycott American products?? He is undeniably going senile. He should have urged all students in US on Malaysian Govt. scholarships to return asap in protest. Why send them there when we have our very own'world ranked institutions'? Here is a translation of a proverb I heard in another language-
    'Saperti tak nak basuh punggung kerana marah pada air disungai"! That I think sums up this entire idea of his.

  24. Anonymous said...

    I agree with mahatir, lets go further, if i remember correctly, the lightbulb was invented by thomas watson an american, Lets stop using powered lights and use candles. Hmm , e aircon was invented by westinghouse, so lets stop using all types of airconditioners. Hmm, the v-8 engine was invented by..., what about flight..... lets stop flying about vacum cleaners, microwave ovens etc etc. Why dont we all import camels from the arabs, eat dates for lunch, dinner etc and live like, we are in the 14th century. that would be fun :)

  25. jonathan ong said...

    It was thomas edison, not watson who invented the lightbulb. =)

  26. Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


    "Never cut your own nose to spit at the sky"
    Neither should anyone wrongly open mouth and let fly
    Stupid remarks that will even make smart babies cry
    Knowing how foolish if any person such 'advice' try

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120109
    Mon. 12th Jan. 2009.

  27. Anonymous said...

    Don't hear him asking the world to boycott Arab oils when suicide bombers strike. And agree that he just talks. The lowly wage earners dun have money to survive without a job. If Mahathir asks them to quit, why don't he employ them?

    And his bread shop, does it use butter, flour from US origin?

    What about our RM1.5 billion defense ministry contract that is given to a Israel company in Singapore?


  28. nahs said...

    boycotte microsoft excel and word first. then windows,macintosh,apple,dell, acer, blogspot. as i see these "boycotters" only know food related products ( KFC,McD,starbucks,coca-cola,pepsi).thats why oxigen supply to their brain too low. whait and see whether Dr Mamak take boeing to other countries or sampan buatan malaysia.

  29. Observer said...

    No, Dr M has not gone too far. What do you expect a politician like him to say? Just sit around and do nothing?

  30. fairplay500 said...

    Hey Malaysia, go ahead and boycott US product and see who will be the loser. ....Losers!!

  31. Anonymous said...

    I agree that the boycott does not work. But a collaborated boycott from a multiple countries will. : D