Monday, January 5, 2009

Boycotting US products a really dumb move for Malaysia

-A commentary-

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi concured with the proposal by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Muslim countries boycott US-made goods in protest against the attacks on Palestinians. [The Star, 5/1/09]

The recent Israeli aggression in retaliation towards Hamas' rocket attacks caused ripples of anger across the Muslim world. Malaysia, being a Muslim-majority nation was also caught in the wave where recently street protests were held in support of the Palestinian people. While many are outraged towards the United States and Israel, there has been a suggestion calling Muslim countries to boycott U.S.-made products and companies with Israeli connections.

Even former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad surprised everyone when he proposed that Malaysia should do the same as a sign of protest against Israel's aggression and the indecisiveness of the Americans in resolving the matter. His view was shared by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi (image) who said he would present the proposal to the Cabinet soon.

I will not get into a debate on Israel's right to invade Gaza or whether Hamas are the actual perpetrators of this mess. But we all agree that innocent Palestinians; women and children are the real victims of war. While everyone has their own views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, I will not comment on this rather sensitive issue. However, what has come to my attention is the suggestion by certain parties to boycott U.S. products - a move, in my opinion is naive in many aspects.

First, let me stress that this is not a religious issue as there are also non-Muslim organisations who have supported this proposal.

But to those who are calling for the boycott of U.S. goods, do you think that by doing so, it is an effective way to protest against Israel or America? I mean, come on...seriously? Do you actually think that the entire American economy will collapse when we refuse to buy their goods so that in time, they would not be able to fund their war efforts?

In fact, boycotting U.S.-made goods would do us more damage than good. Consider the following, before any judgement is passed on me as a pro-American, anti-East or whatever you may call it (source: Bernama):

  • In 2006, Malaysia was the 10th largest trading partner of the U.S. with a trade balance of RM158.1 billion which represents 16 percent of Malaysia's trade activity, with exports to the U.S. of RM102.3 billion or 18.8 percent of Malaysia's total trade.
  • According to government statistics, the U.S. was the fourth largest foreign investor in 2006, with RM8.5 billion in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) approvals, and is the largest foreign investor on a cumulative basis, with over RM105.4 billion of capital invested in the Malaysian economy.
  • The biggest contributor to the growth in trade between Malaysian and the U.S would be the semiconductor industry. In 2006, the Malaysian American Electronics Industry (MAEI) employed more than 54,000 workers here.

So here is my two cents worth. Whether we like it or not, the U.S. is a major player in our economy and will likely still be in the coming decades. Hence, to simply suggest that we boycott U.S. goods is easier said than done.

Also, the people who are calling for a boycott of U.S. goods are simply clueless, if not blinded by shear unrealistic idealism. There have been brochures and images circulating around the internet through local blogs, urging the masses to reject U.S. brands and companies such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Coca-Cola and etc.

But do they not know that these companies are franchises and hire Malaysians by the thousands in their workforce? I'd like to advise them to walk into any American fast food outlet mentioned in the above and see how many Americans are there behind the cashiers and in the kitchens. Or try visiting the Intel plant in Penang and count how many Malaysians are currently employed there.

Click here for the list of American companies and brands with Israeli connections (?).

One blogger even suggests that by boycotting U.S. products, the rural industries would be given the opportunity to expand [link]. Apparently, rural researchers have come up with a way to replicate Microsoft's Windows with bamboo frames.

That being said, the fact that they are rallying support through blogs hosted on American servers like Wordpress or Blogger already spells hypocrisy. Are not Intel chips American? Or the internet, was it not initially American? Google? Yet, they appear to be selective in their boycotting spree.

The very same people who are urging for a boycott repeatedly say that Israel should not punish the Palestinian people for the politics of Hamas. And yet, they are attempting to 'punish' American companies for the politics of their government. Why the double standards? Is that not a form of hypocrisy too?

There is a reason why both the Prime Minister and the International Trade and Industry Minister are keeping mum on this issue. The act of boycotting Malaysia's largest cumulative foreign investor would have dire consequences on our economy and they both know it.

We may protest all we want but let us all be realistic when making our stand towards the U.S. Boycotting U.S. products will not stop Israeli tanks from entering Gaza neither will it persuade Hamas to drop its arms. As a matter of fact, such a move will only see ourselves kissing our hard-built economy goodbye. Is our economy the price to pay for unrealistic idealism?


  1. shankar~selina said...

    Makes no difference if Malaysia boycotted US goods. Just think of the opposite... Malaysia will be dead. Mahathir as usual taking rubbish. Marina, talk to your dad.. By the the way allow all Malaysians to visit all Malaysia. You are acting like Israel...

  2. lleekh said...

    This Minister is only putting on a show - big wayang. He is a politician. Make a little noise and he gets noticed. Recently he wants to contest in the UMNO election. After that he backed out. He got his 2 sen publicity! After this he will make some noise at some UMNO gathering. I am wiling to bet he will not be talking in Parliament.

  3. PeaceLovingDude said...

    They can stop using any Google stuff now, one of the Google founder,Sergey Mikhailovich Brin is Russian Jew!!! Can't go anymore direct. It's very funny & sheer hypocrisy to know that lot of Muslim blogger host their anti-Israel blog in Blogger & using google mail^^Not funny??? Peace On Earth

  4. Anonymous said...

    Let' see how we can boycott US products and services:-

    1) Stop drinking Coca Cola and Pepsi and 90% of soft drinks in the market;
    2) stop using computers (both hardware and software);
    3) Kick out Esso,Mobile, Caltex and other JV partners of Petronas;
    4) Close down Intel, Dell, Western Digital, Motorolla and other US coy;
    5) Stop using internet, including Yahoo and Google;
    6) Bar MAS from flying to US;

    Seriously, can we do that?

    But yes, US's support for terrorist nation Israel is just too much and make me sick to the stomach.

    Anyone wants to join our Iraqi hero to throw shoes at Bush?

  5. Anonymous said...

    This call to boycott is just another example of the mindless rallying cries that typifies a bad aspect of Malaysian behavior especially in respect of sensitive issues without the slightest thought of coming to sensible and practical solutions. Condemning Israel has never made an iota of difference before and will not make one iota of difference to the Gaza population now. The reality of the situation is as follows 1) Israel is here to stay 2) As long as Hamas fires rockets into Israel, Israel response can be accurately predicted. 3) The people of Gaza cannot afford this war of attrition that Hamas insists on waging with Israel. Knowing these facts, people need to decide what they really care about and intend to achieve.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Let Isreal-Palestine settle their dispute. We outsider more like" empty drum". All the arab's and muslims around the world doing no good deeds for Palestinean people. If outsiders not interfere I believe the conflict was long ago setteled

  7. Anak Perelih said...

    If you study the list, the call for the boycott is not for all the US products.... only for certain companies that has links to israel like Estee Lauder (even Gay and Lesbians Americans in San Francisco are boycotting estee lauder because of this ). Only Mahathir want us to boycott All american products...

    BTW... you mentioned "pparently, rural researchers have come up with a way to replicate Microsoft's Windows with bamboo frames."

    Well we have alternative for M$ Windows...and it's free and open source.... it's called LINUX.... ever heard of it??? In Linux, we have Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse etc....

  8. jonathan ong said...

    Anak Perelih,
    Yes, not all products on the list are American. But explain McDonald's, Intel and Nokia? Nokia is Finnish.

    Yes, there are alternatives to Windows. But tell me, are you using Linux now? What search engine are you using? What microprocessor are you using on your PC to view this post? Intel? AMD?

  9. vasantarao appalasamy said...

    Correct Jonathan,

    No effect on US/Israel if you boycotting their product, if they carry out the same ideology against us.. There will be a big problem in our economy! Don’t blindly make any decision… Find out find Israel only attacking Hamas…

    By the way, I still can see Muslims are sitting in KFC, McDonald enjoying Coca Cola, Sprite… Shopping in Carrefour…. Eating Maggi, Kit Kat and so on… Using Intel… They know that such stand by Mahathir and few other Malaysian leaders will spoil our economy and of course a dumb move…

  10. Anonymous said...

    What a shame ! The voices that seem to advocate boycotting USA products do not really seem to have a realistic grasp of the situation. Or is this just as usual another cheap cry of publicity.

    Go on boycott USA products, go on dig your own graves and to an eternal oblivion.

    Do we really have the guts to face USA right in the face or do we really have the guts and the mortal capacity to survive on our own or our own special Middle East friends who live in their golden castles and jet set whilst their own citizens go on camel backis and live in tents.

    Come on, let us wake up lah!

  11. AL said...

    A good post!

    Will feature your post in our website and link readers back to your blog.

    All the best!

  12. Anonymous said...

    I think we should all see things from various point of view before we conclude. I understand there is victim whenever a war occur. Terrorism is generally unacceptable. Is there peaceful way to stop terrorism? I believe it is important to end terrorism at minimum sacrifices.

    Back to your post regarding boycott on US products, I strongly agree with what you've posted. Ppl who agree with the boycott action are seriously not making sense because boycotting the products has nth to do with war. If so the Malaysian defence department might have to find alternatives to all the ammunition.
    With politicians having this kinda thought and proposing it out makes us Malaysians look stupid. Keep it up the good work Jon.

  13. Bintulu said...

    Let us boycott CITIBANK. Let the NGO's rally in front of CITIBANK to make them learn a lesson.

  14. Alias Mohd Yusof said...

    Boikotlah barangan yang membiayai kekejaman Israel. Mungkin boleh dimaafkan kalau kita membeli mesin dan peralatan canggih yang kita tidak ada kepakaran untuk membuatnya dari negara Amerika, tetapi adalah keterlaluan kalau kita membayar perkhidmatan mereka hanya untuk menyediakan minuman (Coca-cola)dan mengoreng ayam (Mc Donald) untuk kita.

  15. alrawa said...

    Myanmar can do it. Why can't we? Don't be a coward!

  16. Anonymous said...

    Yes,Myanmar can do it.Let's make Malaysia another Myanmar fools.I just do not understand where all of you keep your brain.Please be fair and boycott all the US MNC and investors as well.Let all Malaysian become street beggars..Real fools.Even educated people become fools just for the sake of religion.May God teach all of you a good lesson just like how he is teaching the Gazans for supporting terrorist.

  17. DR SURESH said...

    I live in a western country,where I get to see news reports on the casualties suffered by both the innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians.My heart goes out to all these innocent victims and all I can offer is my prayers.

    A couple of weeks before Israel launched the aerial attacks,one of their ministers,issued a severe warning to HAMAS,to stop the rocket attacks or else the repercussions will be severe.They said they are strong and they will response so stop it.On the very same day,reportedly about 80 or 90 rockets hit Israel,and the targets are getting farther and farther. HAMAS doesnt seem to care for the poor Palestinian innocent civilians and remained defiant.And today the poor innocent Palestinian kids,women and the old are paying a price for HAMAS'actions.

    HAMAS chose to use the innocent people of Palestine as a human shield which speaks volume of their cowardice acts.War is definitely not a solution.These rocket attacks by HAMAS are going on for years,day and night,killing also innocent Israelis.How else Israel going to protect their citizens?

    The solution lies in the formation of 2 states and not war.America should stop supporting Israel and muslim countries should stop supplying arms to HAMAS and advice them to stop the rocket attacks.Violence begets more violence.The Palestinians should unite and not have fractions amongst themselves.Jihad is not a solution either in present times.

    Having said the above I find Mahathir's statement to boycott US products as a futile exercise.It doesnt take a rocket scientist to decipher the fact that economically Malaysia will see the backlash as US is one of the major trading partners of Malaysia and dont expect the US not to respond.Mahathir being a super anti-semitic has become totally insane to suggest such measures.Why should he put Malaysians to suffer when the Arab world is itself not doing anything?I think Mahathir should tell Najib to clean our backyard first before interefering with issues of other nations.Yes humanitarian aids should be given to the Palestinians as they need it badly,so do the poor people in Zimbabwe who are undergoing a human crisis because of Mahathir's friend the now infamous Robert Mugabe.

    This world will be only peaceful when we look at humans as humans and not as muslims,christians,jews,hindus and so on.The UMNO protestors should also protest when innocent jews,tamils,zimbabweans,Burmese etc undergo political persecution and not only when muslims are attacked.They should be neutral,otherwise they are nothing more than religious bigots.May this conflict come to an end soon as I dont wish to see more graphic pictures of Palestinian kids dying in my living room.Hope the Israelis and the Palestinians come to a peaceful solution and live happily together and dont kill each other in the name of religion or jihad.

  18. Anak Perelih said...

    Is google listed in the list?
    ever heard AMD processor? is AMD in the list???
    handphone...??? there are many other brands in the market..
    McD..?? there are many other fast food restaurant and slow food restaurant in Malaysia...

    BTW... by the reason given in the web site, I do not agree with some of the company listed...

    BTW... ever heard organizations called haganah?, Irgun? Stern Gang? They were called TERRORISTS during the BRITISH mandate in 1945-48... now... their members are called the founding fathers of the ISRAEL nation... heroes of ISRAEL....

    So, Hamas will follows these groups' footsteps... soon....

  19. jonathan ong said...

    Anak Perelih,
    That is the point. Some products are not on the list even though they are American and this shows how you are being selective in your boycott. Why only boycott the brands you don't need and avoid boycotting essential brands like google and AMD? This hypocrisy!

    So what, then , is YOUR list? Does everyone and every group have their own boycott list?

    Look around you. Do you actually think by boycotting these products, you will stop America or Israel? Are there Israelis or Americans working behind the cashiers of Tesco, KFC or whatever brand you may want to add? What happens when Malaysians employed by them lose their jobs. Are Malaysian companies going to take them? How? Are Malaysian companies even capable to hiring excess workers especially during the economic slowdown.

    People like you are clueless in your protest. I am not stopping you in your beliefs nor I am supporting Israel's use of excessive force. But please, think straight before you suggest anything that is unrealistic and will in return, come back to haunt you or us.

    And you are luring me into the debate of Hamas and Israel, aren't you? Read what Dr. Suresh said and it explains why people like you are clueless. So what now? Are you supporting Hamas or the Palestinian people.What about Fatah then? There is a difference, if you don't already know.

  20. Anonymous said...

    malaysians become idiot. please advice to boikot Petronas because support SUDAN rejim to genocide innocent Dafur citizen

  21. Anak Perelih said...

    Jonathan Ong...

    you're trying to spin something here... on the website... on every product listed.. there are explanation given.. it's up to the reader to agree on specific companies or not... it's not called hypocrite... only Mahathir want us to boycott all US brands... who is mAHATHIR NOW?? EVEN many umno PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN TO HIM.... but he too got rights to say something.. it's up to individuals to agree with him or not... The most important thing is... there are many other brands in the market... it's market capitalism man...

    Anyway.. I think boycotting products is less hipocryte than going to US embassy to demo and burn flags while still using the listed products... at least you do your talking...

    Anyway to boycott or not is personal choice... it's up to them to have their own list.. they can use other brands what??? why should we dictate of what people can do or cannot do? it's up to them to select what brands to boycott or not... even Americans Gays and Lesbians did boycott American Brands - Estee Lauder... for example... even they called it Estee Slaughter...

    A few years ago, Fatah was a Terrorist org according to US and Israel... now.. Fatah is their pet... see.. terrorist labels change by times and situations.... same as haganah, Irgun, Stern Gang... the same thing may happen to Hamas... so go to hell with all these labels... the label is given by thoose who have their own agenda...

    looks like you're the one clueless but trying to say something...

  22. Anonymous said...

    Anak Pelih,
    The Israel become what they are today bcos their use brain (& military muscle too)when plotting their future & life. Their action is mostly governed by 1 aim, the well being & live of their own people; not the destruction of Palestinian. Hamas, on the other hand, only believe in death. Death is everything they wanted & they make sure all the palestinian to believe that's what they wanted too. Just see for yourself..
    U can just lie to yourself that this video is fake. It's up to u to decide. But, hopefully u are not the person who will decide the future of the Palestine people.
    Back to the main issue here. This call for boycott is meaningless. It won't affect the US & more so the Israel. Ha ha, some smart people here suggested us to follow Myanmar's GREAT example. If u don't mind sleeping in mud hut while your son & daughter become refugee & working aboard illegally bcos your great country can't bother to have foreign investment to boost your economy, well u go ahead. Go back to school to learn some more & one more, let them test your brain too (It might not be there anymore)

  23. jonathan ong said...

    Anak Perelih,

    I am not spinning anything here. The fact that you are not even sure what you are protesting for is the reason for hypocrisy. You did not answer my question. Who are you protesting for? The people of Palestine or simply Hamas? I don't care whether Fatah was terrorist group or not, or whether Hamas is one but the reality remains. Hamas, not Fatah is picking a fight with Israel. For every Israeli Hamas kills, at least 10 Palestinians die from an Israeli response. And both of us agree that innocent Palestinians are the real victims of this fight. But my question for you is this, who are you protesting for? Seems to me it's Hamas. Then, if so, you are protesting for a political agenda, not for the people of Palestine.

    Yes, I agree that the boycott is everyone's preference but I still think it's hypocritical. I do not see a point of boycotting one product while saying, 'Oh, but that brand is OK-lah'. What is the point then? So, the boycott is a futile means of protest and if we all go about with our 'preferences', boycotts will only have us shooting ourselves in the foot by sabotaging your own economy.

    And you must realise, the people who are calling for the boycott of Israeli products also calls for the boycott of US brands. Because based on their arguments, some American brands are owned by Jews. Well, that's fine if it's true. Are all Jews Israelis then? As a matter of fact, do all Israelis want Palestinians killed for fun?

    And by the way, why do you keep repeating the "Gays and Lesbians vs Estee Lauder" point to support your argument? Give us something related, please.

  24. Anonymous said...

    Its up to personal decision.

    I will boycott anyway as far as I can...why bother what other people say? this is a democratic country.

    Boycott US products!

  25. Anonymous said...

    hope mahathir and the rest of the boycott supporters will shut up and dont ruin Malaysia's economy.

    if u want to boycott, pls do so quietly and dont make public statements/calls to boycott. Go ahead and boycott - you are free to boycott - for the rest of your life.

    let's see if u dont end up living in a cave.

    get real, ur boycotting wont put even a teeny weeny microscopic dent on the US economy.

    really agree wif Dr Suresh

  26. Anonymous said...

    this boycotting coke is just nothing but a cheap biz scam for some politically or biz related people. Imagine boycotting Coke (american company), but the alternatives (pepsi, sprite, mountain dew, 7-Up) are also belongs to american companies??

    What about really stop taking all those american medicine, there goes your viagra, lipitol, heart attack drugs, collesterol drugs, etc.

    What about boycotting our popular american fast food companies, i.e. mc donald, KFC, burger king, wendy, carl's jr, TGIF, A&W?

    What about stop buying our popular american clothing attire, Nike, Rebok, etc.

    Be realistic.....we eat, wear, use more than 50% of all products bearing american heritage!!

    Lastly, i understood that our NegaraKu & also the flag was a plagiariazation from America :-)

  27. Anonymous said...

    With immediate effect,those people attach to American companies pls resign your job for the sake of "saudara mara" in Gaza.Once Gazan start receiving International Aid in the form of money, they will channel the money to you for your monthly expenses.Do not speak US English,do not use US medicine and medical equipments do not use .....etc.Finally,close your eyes whenever you came across of anything related to US.Your "saudara mara" in Gaza will not forget you forever.There is a limit for everything.Do not be blind and deaf in the name of religion.Please tell Hamas terrorist to stop all the heroism act for the sake of Gazans.

  28. I swear said...

    I listened to our former PM and leaders. I used an Acer notebook. Then I found out that the Intel made the CPU chip. So I took out all parts I suspected to be US products.

    Now my notebook computer is not functioning.

  29. Anonymous said...

    Jews was peaceful and forward thinking people 1600 years ago and the first lesson they received when all of their community was massacared in single day in a place call
    M_ _ _ _ _ and they learned from it. Hamas have a same motive to wipe of Isreal. Please teach them to live in peace with everybody.
    Magic quote " If Hamas put down guns there is peace, If Isreal put down gun than a country name Isreal no more exist. I hope peace will previal very soon. look at people & leader from West Bank. What is their reaction? Can we Malaysian learn something?

  30. Anonymous said...

    If you are going to boycott (and it's your choice) then pls check where the brand or company is from. in the posts already mentioned some errors, for example

    Tesco - british
    Carrefour - french
    rebok - british

    and so on

  31. Anonymous said...

    Dr Mahathir never said boycott all american....he said be can live without coca-cola or macdonald's...but the world is such that most consumer products are american...of course its easier to criticise Dr M than to think rationally...another thing is that he called for the world to start using other currencies than the US Dollar...go for the Euro or Yen or even Ringgit and create demands for these currencies instead of relying on the Dollar

  32. William Lee said...

    To all Malaysian that support Boycott US products. Make sure you and your love one did not work in US link company, your house does not have any US products, dont watch US related programmed...... STUPID IDEA...

  33. Ikram said...

    I guess maybe whoever supports the boycott are pure idealists. You do it because you really believe it can work and really dont care if it disrupts billions of dollars in trade and all.

    And yes, i agree with anonymous. So Mr william, if you would like to help a few Palestenians and perhaps not feel guilty that your money MIGHT fund bullets, be selective.

    At least can sleep at night a bit more peaceful that we do care for what happen to other humans in this world.

  34. Anonymous said...

    May I suggest the following for the boycott? Actually the boycott saves our own pocket. Let us all name the Palestinian conflict as Holocaust 2 as this one is 4 decades longer than the Jewish one.

    * Make our own coffee. Buy a coffee machine (about RM40) and forget going to Starbucks and stop drinking Pepsi and Coke
    * US make a lot of money from music and cinema. May we start downloading music (and make sure it is illegally) and help support your friendly pirated DVD vendor. Make sure you share the pirated copies.
    * When you have any American music video from TV, copy and load into the internet so that people can pirate.
    * Make our own burger. No McDonalds
    * Avoid American designers. If possible buy pirated ones.
    * Photocopy textbooks and scan them and placed on the internet so that others can copy. This will hurt the US book industry.
    * Boycott people who buy Fords and Chevys. The cars anyway are so uncool. (Even Americans don't want them). The boycott forces those people to learn to be cool.

    Remember a little from you can tell the world Holocaust 2 is serious as compared to the WW2 one.

  35. Anonymous said...

    good debate u guys. i'm a muslim, and obviously i despise the act of the Israelis over Palestinians.

    yes, maybe some of their goods are supplying the israelis with money to buy their military equipment, but then, i seriously dont think boycott is a good decision. what we spent on those products wont effect even 1% of their sales and market, as their products are known worldwide.
    unless we could join hands with every nation in this world, what we are doing now is pointless and it will only do more damage on us rather than good.
    the israelis have been attacking palestin for years, and they never stop eventhough the united nation has ordered them to cease fire, why do u think this boycott will stop them?
    even in the Quran has stated that jews will keep fighting with Muslims for hundred of years. if we really wanna help, we can do it by supplying the Palestinians with money and weapons so that they could fight back!
    i'm sure every man in Palestine wanted to fight back eventhought it might cost them their life. its just that they dont have the ability nor the equipment needed for them to fight back.
    i'm not supporting the war, but since the israelis are not stopping, then i think we should help by helping them to fight back. and maybe we all could send troops over to help. not just talk and talk when nothing will happen. all of u who thinks ur not capable of doing anything, just pray and keep praying.

  36. Anonymous said...

    JC is the answer for the world today..

  37. Anonymous said...

    i am forever amazed how my country always come out with stupid ideas after stupid ideas.
    they never seems to tackle the issue but instead go side track.

  38. Anonymous said...

    yes, think is a stupid is. did USA ever ban malaysian product when they suspect we have terrorist here? i wonder what's going to happen if they ban everything from malaysia

  39. MalaysianSmartss said...

    For the Anonymous smart fella who suggest we give more money to Palestine so they can buy weapon to fight back..Well, good luck. U might as well form a militant group & train in Indonesia. Book a boat & set sail to the holy land. If u are lucky, u might be killed by an Israel bullet. I scared u might have been blown out of the sea b4 u even touch your foot on dry land. U live in a cave like the Taliban??? I wonder what is the last [word filtered] movie u watch? Cicakman? Don't let us call u a hypocrite, u might be wearing a God forbid Levi's jean, typing on your Intel inside PC, logging in with your google a/c & giving comment on this american creation blogger space. U should put your mouse down (another american invention) & trade off all your american possession. Sell your car too. There could be some american stuff in there. Buy a horse or camel instead. The Arabian horse & camel is the best bleed in the world. Why worship western culture when the Arab have some of the best stuff in the world for u.
    Start a Hamas Appreciation Society in Malaysia & let some of the lucky members to join Hamas during war with the Israel. [sentence omitted]. Looking back at life in Malaysia, it sound more exciting, don't u think??

  40. magna said...

    i do agree with jonathan Ong, but he must not throw out Tun suggestion without give his own suggestions on how to show our protest against America n israel. everyone can be like u, just critics everybody suggestions.

    we can boycott all the US products but it cannot be applied immediately. we can create or find the substitute products. it may takes time, but i believe it will work.

    i also suggest that, JPA and all the malaysian, not to visit and send our student there.


  41. jonathan ong said...

    The whole point of boycotting is futile. We will just be shooting ourselves in the foot. What you are implying is that boycotting US products is the ONLY way of protesting. It is not.

    I believe we can do it diplomatically and not by some means of ruining our own economy. If we want to protest on the streets to show our disapproval, that's fine too. But don't come up with some suggestions that will haunt you back.

  42. Anonymous said...

    it's up to you people......
    my self dont wanna make sin by making more trouble by supplying bullets for israel.....

    for computer, how bout using a piracy product ^_^...

    the problems are nowdays, we can't life and live without israel and american product, because we'r have addicted with it, and we amazed by it

    oyeah once more my friend told me that if israel and palestine come in peace than it would be the end of the world ^_^

  43. Anonymous said...

    Excuse me,

    mahathir NEVER said anything about boycotting american products. he only stated, please don't buy/trade the Dollar currency and support the Dinar and other Asian currencies, like Yen.

    please double check your sources and dont hentam saja when writing.

  44. jonathan ong said...

    Dear Anonymous,
    If he never said it, then why are newspapers here writing about it? Yes, he said we should boycott the US Dollar and also US products. Do you know how to read? Or is it because every media who said that areIsraeli-linked too? Please verify yr OWN sources before you hentam people who are sharing their opinions on an issue which can prove quite detrimental to our own country.

  45. Anonymous said...

    The call was was not just to Muslims and malaysians but to the people of this world to boycott companies that support zionism, not just american. It is impossible to boycot american goods as we are a flea compare to the US. Amricans themselves are welcomed to boycott companies that support the zionists. Our enemy is not the americans but the zionists. Collectively the 1.5 billion muslims of the world who boycott those that support the zionists, these companies will feel the pinch. 1.5 comsumer dollars will go to their competitors. If the muslims nations decide to stop buying from a beef supplier in australia or wherever because it supports zionism, that company will suffer. New jobs will be created by their competitors in the event that their busineses close. It can work only through a global effort. I'm sure many europeans are also tired of the Israeli regime, else Israel would not have topped the poll of whats the #1 threat to world peace several years ago. We also need to create a detailed comprehensive list not just of companies making products but servies as well. Legal firms, banks, architecture etc etc that support zionism. There are many other choices for products and services we can use. We must decide before its too late, to end the zionist monopoly and oligopolies of essential products and give a chance to their competitors.

    The majority of non-malays, hindraf and chinaman in this country never cared for the palestinians, they are out to sabotage anything that can work. They are using this issue to talk down to our leaders, to us muslims simply because of the other non related grievances that they have.Criticize this and that. Yet not even one offered a viable solution to solve this crisis. Not even one. Fellow muslims of this country, remember this day when the ungrateful nons, and hypocrite starbuck malays refuse to support our stand against zionist atriocities. Remember this day. The day will come when they will seek our asistance. Muslims around the world must remember the stance of malaysian non muslims. They have the right not to support and we also the reserve the right to retaliate when the time comes. Maybe boycott their products too.

    Remember that he boycott can work and it would take some time before the effect is felt globally. One might ask a friend or a colleague why he wont touch his Mc Donald meal or use nokia. It is a protest stand. That will open eyes globally. If we can boycott apartheid, and if rosa parks can refuse to sit at the end of the bus, We can stop eating McDonalds and drink Coke.. This Boycott is bigger than Malaysia this is the world saying NO to zionism.

    - Tamerlane

  46. Anonymous said...

    for months the gazans were denied food, water, medical supplies and electricity (yup, the western media never reported this) before the invasion. if you were in their shoes, would you rather lay down and die or die fighting to feed your family? this is not just an muslim issue (please don't forget there are fellow christians there too) but rather an humanity issue. imagine, after being driven out of your beloved home, you and your family and friends were taunted, tortured, maimed, killed, year after year. when will this end? when some of you were saying, how can boycotting do any good, especially to malaysians when we depend so much on the americans? you are actually ackwoledging that, that is where it will hit the us economy hard and make them rethink about their policy in palestine.

    shouldn't we, malaysians (on our way to being a developed country), join the international community in not only condemning the zionist atrocities on palestinians, but do something directly or indirectly to stop it? if by boycotting us products(major contributor to zionist war fund) can help, so be it. i also believe, this is the best time to teach our young about being humane and seeing far beyond race , country or religion.

    and news wise, please check with malaysians who've seen it, been there and they care (eg. mercy malaysia)

    please do your part to make this world a better place to live in. fellow caring malaysians, malaysia boleh!

  47. Anonymous said...


    "if by boycotting us products(major contributor to zionist war fund) can help, so be it" -quote

    Isn't that the point, "IF" the boycott works? The boycott will only come around and haunt us back when our economy (whether we like it or not) depends a lot on the US.

  48. Anonymous said...

    salam and greetings to all.i am 18 years old student wanted to give my opinion.

    i've read all the comments given. i'm kinda laugh with all of their different kind of view in this matter.
    though, there are racism here which are not allowed. dont get over it.

    for me, we shouldn't underestimate by ones view and judgement. i know each of you might think that maybe its right or maybe not. the important part that we should know is all of us are getting the wrong and some make up story from the datelines which has been made up. therefore, it will lead us fighting with each other over it.

    oh yes, Tun Dr Mahathir is brave in giving those statement in boycotting jewish product, to let them heard us(Kata-kata semangat). even if it does not effect most of the US even ISRAEL. the US and ISRAEL once afraid of Tun M because of his protest against war in afghanistan before. it happens to be a debate. ahh...nevemind with that.
    the important here is i too doesn't follow his 'laungan' in boycotting jewish product. but please don't blame him. we shouldn't blame and underestimate anyone. let them be.

    thank you,

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