Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What do politicians mean by Malay/Chinese/Indian unity?

JITRA, June 21 - Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said today it would be difficult to realise the "1Malaysia" concept if the Malays are not united. [The Malaysian Insider]

It has become a rhetorical statement when politicians like to say Malay unity has been split since the emergence of the Pakatan Rakyat. It annoys me every time these elected representatives fail to clearly define the vague and ambiguous claim that unity of a certain ethnic community in this country has been divided.

It is not uncommon for politicians these days to occasionally rant to the mass media of how unity of the Malay Malaysians have been divided. Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir recently commented that unless the Malays are united, the 1Malaysia plan will never take off. But just what does Mukhriz mean by the word 'united'? In what or by what should the Malays be united?

I believe the only thing that stands in the way of that 'unity' is the political beliefs that not only splits the Malays but also the Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, etc. communities in this country. Are the Malays suppose to support only ONE political party in order to be united? Does that consider Malay unity?

Clearly, the subject in question here now is not my fellow Malay Malaysians but the politicians that make such statements. The Chinese and Indians have long been in split, if political singularity is what these politicians mean. So what has that (political beliefs) got to do with their loyalty towards their nation and their support for 1Malaysia. Is anyone less Malaysian for not supporting a particular political party?

The 1Malaysia concept will surely fail when the Malays (and if I may add the Chinese and Indians as well) are not united; that is if 1Malaysia is politically motivated in the first place. But if it's not, then I believe there is no worry about whether who's who is not united because every Malaysians would support the 1Malaysia concept for the greater good - unless of course, if you are one of those who believe one race should remain and the rest kicked out.

In fact, all these talk of Malay/Chinese/Indian unity is well against the spirit of 1Malaysia. What does the country gain when the very lot that proposes the 1Malaysia concept are the ones that consistently clamour about race, race and race. Besides, when politicians mention about the unity of the Malays or the Chinese, I can only wonder: What about the unity of the Sikhs, Orang Asli, Kadazans, Ibans and the other minorities that make up this nation of ours?

You see, the problem with politicians harping on the unity of a particular ethnic group tends to lead the other minorities being undermentioned. It is about time, all Malaysians are considered seriously - not just the major racial groups. The solution is to stop the race bickering and address every Malaysian by his or her nationality first. We are a multicultural country not a multinational country - something most politicians tend to forget.

It is true that every community in this country require different levels of attention and assistance by the government due the stark income and social gaps. These politicians can still address the needs of these communities racially but they should spare the race talk in public. That would be a good start towards nation building. But by doing that, it is also important that we ensure no community is marginalised or sidelined.


  1. Eric's said...

    yeah... im screwed up with this as well...

  2. vasantarao appalasamy said...

    Malay, Chinese, and Indian are divided into racial line. May 13 proved that racial sentiment still alive in Malaysia after independent. UMNO and PAS, (Malays) are talking about their unity. Now my question is what will happen to the minorities? Is it good for everyone start talking about their own race unity from today?

    Malaysian politicians should realise that in this age of globalization, real competition comes from people of another country. The government should be mindful of the fact that race-oriented policies will dampen investments climate and people’s spirit to competency. Unhealthy competitions between the own nation people only silently destroy the peace and harmony that has been built so far.

    What we have in Malaysia is the majority seems to be vulnerable of themselves and their position. Minorities have no confident on majority’s ruling. Should Gerakan, MCA, MIC start their respective race builds for Indian and Chinese unity like the way UMNO wish to do with PAS? What will happen if everyone starts uniting among themselves? What happens to 1Malaysia then?

    If UMNO is sincere , why not talk to all PR component parties namely PKR, DAP and PAS jointly for a united Malaysia and help the PR government to rule the state now in their development plans rather than spending huge sums of unnecessary and wasteful taxpayer’s money forming a parallel government in PR ruled states.

    Malays should believe multiracial liberalism concept, then only we able to form strong and competent Malaysian. After more than half century of national independence we are still talking about unity among Malays, among Chinese, among Indians. These should be the issues of the past and now as Malaysian we should get on the progress and developments. So I hope after this, the politician and the people only talk bout all Malaysians unity rather than their respective race unity.