Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Malaysia doesn't need the non-Malays, says MP and newspaper

The Prime Minister also said he wanted a world-class, fact based reporting and a media that was fair and responsible in its reporting so that it could foster a constructive debate about the nation’s future. [ TheStar Online, 6/4/09]

Note the words: World-class, fair, responsible and fostering constructive debate.

And then we have an article published a week later by Utusan Malaysia, perceived to be an UMNO-controlled newspaper, urging the Malay community to 'rise and unite' against the 'extreme demands' of the other races. The article also suggests the Malay community not to 'bow down' to the extremist demands of the non-Malays which have weakened the political strength and status quo of the Malays.

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, MP of Pasir Mas claims that there are already enough 'Malay' seats in the Parliament to form a 'Malay-only' government. In other words, Ibrahim Ali is presenting a premise that Malaysia or rather, his "Malay-sia" does not need the contribution of the non-Malays to run the country.

The article also goes on to say that the government has no obligations to address the demands of the non-Malays simply because the Malays are the majority and thus, there should be no compromise with them.

Ibrahim Ali, being disillusioned as he already is, told Utusan Malaysia that he believes the non-Malays would 'automatically' support the Barisan Nasional if and when UMNO is strong (despite being an Independent MP himself).

"The Malay Party will be strong if the Malays are cared for. Therefore, UMNO has to cast their focus on the Malays. For that UMNO has nothing to fear because I believe when UMNO is strong, the non-Malays will automatically support the Barisan Nasional...just like before," he said. [Utusan Online 15/4/09]
Whatever happened to the "we don't need the non-Malays" part? So why even bother about the support of the non-Malays to the Barisan Nasional when apparently there is no need for the their votes?

This is not what Malaysia need in this time of economic and political uncertainty - A racially-motivated newspaper that publishes potentially seditious articles. It is very sad that our country, despite her cultural diversity, is still plagued with racial purist beliefs that should have been buried after 50 years of independence. The survival of such bigotry has newspapers like Utusan Malaysia to thank where fallacy seem to be their only way to boost readership numbers.

In the spirit of freedom of speech, Utusan Malaysia have every right to express their views though many Malaysians including myself disagree with it. However, that does not spare Utusan Malaysia and people who take their articles as gospel truth from looking and sounding stupid. Perhaps they should make 'being stupid' a criminal offence, I suppose?

One can only imagine the grim prospect if the table is turned around; a Chinese-language newspaper suggesting the non-Malays can form the government or run the country without the Malays. There is no doubt that the ISA would come knocking on its door with all sirens blaring and guns blazing.

And one does not need to be Einstein to guess why Utusan Malaysia has yet to be rebuked or reprimanded by our country's leaders.

If Najib is serious about his business of encouraging a world-class and informed media in the country, he should probably first keep his tabs on Utusan Malaysia. With articles like that, it is no rocket science that the latter is a far cry from being world-class. And needless to say, Utusan Malaysia and Ibrahim Ali has just contradicted Najib's OneMalaysia philosophy.

Utusan Malaysia and people like Ibrahim Ali should re-take their History lessons again. The Malaysia we all know today is not built upon the shoulders on just one race but is a collective effort of the various ethnic communities who have chosen to call this land home. As for as I know and care, the only 'majority' that there is and ever will be in the Parliament and in the streets are simply called Malaysians - not Malays, Chinese, Indians or the lain-lain.


  1. Darrengun said...

    To be a world class country,we have to stay unite again and together build this country.And is not the time that we have to blame which race are support government and not support government.I think many people still remember the racism case which happen on March 13,1969.Utusan Malaysia should not write all these kind of article to influence the citizen.In my opinion,unity is important to build this country strong again!!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    i may not like ibrahim, but i agree with what he said.

  3. The Man said...

    You use the word "rocket science" too many times xD

  4. Anonymous said...

    I don't think they have the word Unity in their dictionary do they?

    If only there is law in Malaysia, it would be a better place and im not surprise that why all the ppl who are able to move overseas has already do so.

    IMHO, do u think with so many ppl sick and tired of these issue could make a difference one day?
    It would probably end up with another May 13th.

    Just my 2 cents.


  5. V.Shahran Kumar said...

    Unity is the best way to ensure the development of our country.. If either one of the races is given more importance than the other, the development will be imbalanced and it causes other races to rebel. Either way, the government is losing. Another thing is, the media! The media must be neutral! As you all know, the media now is biased against one side... Those who are IT savy tend to get the news from the net... But how bout those who have the tv and newspapers are the only source of news?

  6. logen said...

    there still got ppl supportin him... can see from the comment... wat a worryin situation...