Friday, December 12, 2008

Putrajaya roof leaks an embarrassment to nation

PUTRAJAYA: The Putrajaya Corporation (PJC) chief was left red-faced when the swanky headquarters here was flooded during a high-powered business function. [NST, 12/12/08]

The Putrajaya Corporation (PJC) building suffered several leaks in the roof during a heavy downpour. About 600 high-profile businessmen, journalists and VIPs were there attending a talk on global economic uncertainties. The Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and 2003 Nobel laureate in economics Prof. Dr. Robert Engle were among those who were present.

It was understood that a scuffle nearly broke out between PJC Public Relations officer and journalists who tried taking photographs of the embarrassing situation.

The leaks in the roof of the corporation building left many baffled when PJC president Tan Sri Samsudin Osman said repair work was already in progress a few months ago but he was clueless as to whether it had been completed or not.

"I don't know if the engineers have made it worse, or they simply took out parts of the roof in the repair process. I really don't know why this is happening. This is the first time it has occurred in this building." he told reporters. [NST, 12/12/08]

The latest mishap in the PJC headquarters went on the list of faulty government buildings for in the past few years have attracted public attention into the quality of work done by government contractors.

Last year, both the Immigration Department's information technology division building and the Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Ministry's multi-purpose hall had their roofs caved in following a burst pipe.

In May 2007, damage to the new Jalan Duta Court Complex which boasts as the world's second largest court complex upsettted Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when a water pipe burst at a service room in the basement cafeteria. That section of the building was covered in 7cm of water. In the following month, the court complex was rocked by an explosion, believed to have been caused by a defective gas valve in the basement.

Even the Parliament House was not spared by shabby work. In April 2005, a parliamentary session had to be adjourned when rainwater started pouring in into the section of the Dewan Rakyat. Ironically, it happened after massive renovation works on the building which cost the government several millions of ringgit. And last year, the Parliament media centre also suffered leaks in the ceiling.

The government should review its list of contractors and existing tender holders from time to time. Likewise, tenders for government projects should only be awarded to competent firms. Last but not least, the government owe an explanation to the people when public funds are not only used to construct but to fix government infrastructures damaged by poor workmanship.


  1. bn haramjadah said...

    what do you expect from morons. this is what you call towering malays. with their class f quality repairs. YOU WOULD EXPECT a rolls royce when you paid for one wouldn't you, but with UMNO, you pay for a rolls royce, you get a proton with a rolls royce (MADE IN KEPONG) LOGO, and they will say this is rolls,,,,, new model. hahaha. UMNO ... UMNO, ARE THE ENGINEERS FROM OUR SINTOK-UNIVERSITY-KETUANAN MELAYU-GRADUATES,What do you expect, when you hire a bangla/indon labourer to build a building with no qualification more like kulitification, thats what you get when you send a child to do a man's job. a total disaster, SO MAHATHIR WHAT SAY YOU, YOU DREAM COME TRUE... AN UMNO PROJECT WITH A LEAKING ROOF. HAHAHAHAHA bodohhhhhhhhhhh