Saturday, August 23, 2008

UPDATE - Avril's concert gets green light

The Star [23 August 2008] announced that Avril Lavigne's concert is back on track and the artiste will be able to perform in Kuala Lumpur on August 29th. As on August 20th, it was reported that the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage have decided to cancel Avril Lavigne's concert as they did not want the independence month and the upcoming Ramadhan to be filled with "punk and rock culture". Meanwhile, PAS Youth Leader Kamaruzaman Mohamed also claimed that the Canadian artiste is "too sexy" for Malaysians [Pop and Rock Culture? - 21/8/2008]. Such statements caused quite a stir internationally and have indeed tarnished the country's image as a tolerant multi-cultural nation

The Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage have then decided to review their decision to cancel the show. It is encouraging to see that the ministry have taken account of the fact that Malaysia is a multi-religious society and did not simply act on the grounds of religion. Their latest move is highly commendable.

However, artistes who wish to perform in Malaysia have a strict behaviour code to adhere to. The Malaysian government require that the stage costumes should cover from chest to knees and that they should not include any drug-related image. Acts of shouting, kissing, hugging and jumping are also banned from the stage.

One might argue that such guidelines are conservative. Nevertheless, the bigger picture here is that such move by the Ministry is worth two thumbs up. The Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage has finally acted as a ministry for all Malaysians and not for just a few. Congratulations!

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  1. mayniacs said...

    the government is not that bad afterall *grins*... yeap, congrats that they actually finally acted as a ministry.

  2. The Man said...

    It's bullshit, denying Avril Lavigne when they allow Pussycat Dolls to perform instead. Although Avril Lavigne sucks, I don't see Pussycat Doll being more conservative than the Avril bitch anyways.

  3. ccom said...

    Dear ministers, make up your mind already.

    My 8 ball says buckets of fail and indecision in the near future... now.

  4. siewkwan said...

    They are so weird...haha. Cannot make up their mind, but at least avril lavigne's fans get to hear her sing live now! WRITE MORE BFF! :)